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My Gig and Tour schedule as John Paul Joel

2020 ALREADY? Upcoming shows:

Feb 1, ZEPPELIN LIVE, Club Fox, Redwood City, CA SOLD OUT thank you
March 4, MR JIMMY'S LED ZEPPELIN REVIVAL, Music Box Supper Club, Cleveland, OH
March 6, MR JIMMY'S LED ZEPPELIN REVIVAL, Hard Rock Cafe, Pittsburg, PA
March 7, MR JIMMY'S LED ZEPPELIN REVIVAL, The Stage, Buffalo, NY
March 28, ZEPPELIN LIVE, The District, Gilroy, CA
April 25, ZEPPELIN LIVE, The State Theatre, Modesto, CA
June 27, ZEPPELIN LIVE, Club Fox, Redwood City, CA
August 8, ZEPPELIN LIVE, The Broadway Club, Walnut Creek, CA
All dates subject to change, because.

Thank you to Zeppelin Live, Mr. Jimmy's Led Zeppelin Revival, Stairway to Zeppelin and L.A. Zeppelin for the shows and opportunity to perform this wonderful music.

Besides my main Zep tribute band Zeppelin Live, I am available to do gigs as John Paul Jones (or simply as Joel Pelletier, sans wig and costume) in other Zep tributes who may need a fill-in player for single larger gigs or tours in North America, EU, Asia or basically anywhere that makes sense logistically and financially. I play most every Zep tune requested in their original keys, and am familiar with live vs. studio arrangements (see Songs for the songlist and video). My bass playing is solid, fat and stresses the groove in JPJ playing, while my keyboard sounds and parts perfectly duplicate JPJ's studio tracks while filling out the bottom with full key bass thru the bass guitar rig.

I am completely self-contained for any Southern Califonia gigs, or for tour situations with a truck, van or trailer for gear (see Basses and Keys to see the gear I use). For flying gigs, all of my keyboard gear fits in two 50lb cases for check-in (Southwest is best, they allow two free checkins, but any airline is fine if you are paying all check bag fees, including oversize for the keyboard case; booking from LAX or Burbank). I carry on the bass (or sometimes two basses in one bag) and mandolin.
My backline requirement consists of:

- A min 500 watt bass head with TWO INPUTS (usually Ampeg, Hartke or SWR) and (minimum) one or (preferred) two 8x10 or 2x15 cabinets
- THREE guitar stands (for my Jazz bass, 8-string bass and mandolin)
- If I am not flying with a keyboard, then a weighted or semi-weighted 88-key controller (pref: Arturia Keylab88, Nektar LX88 or Casio Previa PX5 or similar), pref with BOTH USB and MIDI outs
- A single keyboard stand
- A padded seat (I sit at the keys)
- Keyboard monitoring of (min) 2 floor monitors with a seperate monitor send or (pref) two powered floor wedges (usually QSC or JBL).

A stereo send is provided from my keyboard mixer for the house and monitors, and an extra direct box and channel is required if you need mandolin (although sometimes I just play it through the bass amp). I can sing any backups on any of the songs where required, and can sing the Sandy Denny part in the original key and register for Battle of Evermore (if needed).

A NOTE ABOUT BAGGAGE FEES: Whenever I fly Southwest Airlines, I never have a problem checking in my main case (with pedals, cables, mixer, etc) and my keyboard (in an SKB hard case, exactly 50lbs, but a total of 80 inches width/length/depth). The Casio keyboard in the case exceeds many other airline restrictions for standard check-in baggage size, and is considered oversized. Some carriers (including Delta and United) charge UP TO $175 EACH WAY to check in the keyboard! Please keep this in mind when arranging flights and backline.

Please email or call me at 818-373-7511 to discuss your gig dates. And yes, I play other music, too (esp. classic rock or classic-styled new music). Besides 3 1/2 years as John Entwistle (video demo), I also have performed most classic rock music for decades, including Zep, The Who, Beatles, Stones, Eagles and most British Invasion stuff, and participate regularly both on bass and/or keys at ULTIMATE JAM nights at the Whisky A Go Go. If you have a national/international touring or recording act in need of bass, keys, or bass AND keys, I would love to talk to you.

I've participated in some great shows all over the United States, and look forward to continuing show and tour opportunities in the US and worldwide.

More added regularly, subject to change, blah blah blah.

Got a big gig with your Zeppelin tribute band but need a JPJ fill-in?
I'm your man, email me to discuss.

© 2020 Joel Pelletier, email:
Updated 2 February 2020

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